North Mountain Institute: Educational Assistance Services

Welcome to North Mountain Institute! We strive to assist students of all ages in our community to achieve their educational pursuits. Whether that student has just started kindergarten for the first time or is an adult looking to go back to school, we have skilled professionals on staff who can help them meet all of their goals.

Every student has different learning goals and experiences, and sometimes, when they're in school, they may not feel like they are reaching their personal goals. That's where we come in! Our team of specialized tutors and former child and adult educators has the knowledge and experience to work with students of all ages in small groups and one on one to help them reach their learning goals before and after school. Our goal is to make people feel confident in their skills and give them the tools they need to get the most out of their schooling and forge a path toward success.

A Personalized Experience

North Mountain Institute gives every student a personalized experience by understanding the needs of each learner to ensure that they're getting adequate support. We have a great support staff who all have specialized knowledge of education and different subject areas, so no student will feel left behind. Every student will feel like they have a tutor who "gets" them and can create personal activities to help them gain the confidence to reach their learning goals.

The Quality Help You Need

Schools are great and teachers work wonders, but sometimes large class sizes can put people at a disadvantage in learning as it doesn't allow for individualized attention. Smaller groups and one-on-one help can also be beneficial for those who struggle with certain subjects because they need topics explained to them differently. After all, there's no one right way to learn! Our educators can help students get to the bottom of what method works to help them succeed in every subject.

Effective Learning for All Ages

It doesn't matter whether you're a child just starting kindergarten who needs a little extra assistance or an adult who is looking to go back to school to get their GED, learn a new language, or gain valuable career skills: North Mountain Institute can help. Our teachers are experts in their fields and keep up with professional development courses to be the most effective educators they can be.

If you're looking for help with your education, we're here to accelerate your learning progress. Please reach out to us for assistance in getting enrolled or to ask any questions you may have about our programs.